Conference Announced Fall 2018 All-Academic0

66 conference athletes were named to the 2018 all-academic honors

Mary Sommer ULSTER Volleyball
Hayley Duggan WESTCHESTER W. Cross Country
Akinbowale Bolagi WESTCHESTER M. Cross Country
Adriana Crimi DUTCHESS Volleyball
Tyler Calabrese DUTCHESS M. Soccer
Cassidy Smith ORANGE Volleyball
Deven Lawson ROCKLAND Volleyball
Alyssa Poteet DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Prue Sanders SULLIVAN W. Cross Country
Rylie Lake ULSTER M. Soccer
Rachel Rivera SULLIVAN W. Cross Country
Jenna Vairo SULLIVAN Volleyball
Taylor Mello WESTCHESTER Volleyball
Lindsay Leggio WESTCHESTER Volleyball
Jonathon Rose ROCKLAND M. Cross Country
Ronny Culcay WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Christina Martinez SULLIVAN Volleyball
Irena Ciferri DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Emma Paszkiewicz DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Kevin Umanzor WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Jasper Bresolin WESTCHESTER M. Cross Country
Kayla Barnett DUTCHESS Volleyball
Hope Tangunu DUTCHESS M. Soccer
Bryan Goodman WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Danielle McManus ROCKLAND Volleyball
 Quintin Berteau ULSTER M. Cross Country
Anthony Bernate ULSTER M. Soccer
Victoria Somer ULSTER Volleyball
Adasia Payne SULLIVAN Volleyball
William Morais WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Amanda Brian DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Mathew Rios WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Olivia Malles DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Kelsie McDowell DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Aaron Jones ROCKLAND M. Soccer
Eric Boateng ORANGE M. Soccer
Oscar Antonio Lavariega DUTCHESS M. Soccer
Meaghan Hardeman ULSTER Volleyball
Andrew Markoe DUTCHESS M. Soccer
Charley Yaun SULLIVAN Volleyball
Emily Schmidt ROCKLAND Volleyball
Anthony Toscano ORANGE M. Soccer
Elizabeth Rolleri DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Guilherme Griza WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Julianna Lynch ORANGE Volleyball
Jack Kimelman ORANGE M. Cross Country
Mark Frascello ORANGE M. Soccer
Elizabeth Minano ROCKLAND Volleyball
Reiss Lovett DUTCHESS Volleyball
Adam Akel ORANGE M. Soccer
Randy Culcay WESTCHESTER M. Cross Country
Daisy Godoy DUTCHESS W. Soccer
Gem Helper SULLIVAN W. Cross Country
Thomas Weiss DUTCHESS M. Soccer
Lucas Rodrigues WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Nick Grundig ORANGE M. Soccer
Jefry Gonzales Moreno ULSTER M. Soccer
Kaitlin Salazar ULSTER Volleyball
Isabella Ramirez ORANGE Volleyball
Jason Bruno DUTCHESS M. Soccer
Kelvin Nunez ULSTER M. Soccer
Franco Ladron De Guevarra WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Steeve Cadet ROCKLAND M. Soccer
Brooke Salazar ULSTER Volleyball
Jair Mejia WESTCHESTER M. Soccer
Patrick Frascello ORANGE M. Soccer

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