Mid-Hudson Conference By-Laws0

The name of this organization is the Mid Hudson Conference. Only member colleges shall be permitted to use this name standing alone.

To provide an association through which two year colleges of the Mid Hudson area may cooperate for the following ends.

Section 1. To strengthen the work of member colleges in developing good sportsmanship and high ideals among contestants, teams and spectators and to promote all forms of athletics for college students.
Section 2. To provide competition for member colleges which are logical athletic rivals based upon geographic proximity, enrollment projections, admission requirements, curricula demands, and general educational philosophies.
Section 3. To strengthen and unify eligibility rules governing participation in intercollegiate athletics.
Section 4. To plan for and conduct meets, tournaments, and leagues in various sports.

Section 1. The membership of this conference shall not exceed eight two year colleges.
Section 2. Any member college of the national Junior College Athletic Association, Region XV, located in the Mid-Hudson area, will be eligible for consideration for membership in this Conference.
Section 3. Requests for membership in the Conference should be signed by the President of the petitioning institution and sent with the enrollment fee to the treasurer of the Conference. An institution may be elected to membership of the Conference by a unanimous vote.
Section 4. The annual membership fee shall be one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). A voucher will be sent to all members by the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the dues deadline. The fee entitles an institution to participate in any form of athletics under the auspices of the Conference and will cover all items pertinent to the conduct of Conference business (Refer to TOURNAMENT FUND for further information).
Section 5. The membership shall be from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. The voting privilege in the election of officers shall be based on membership during the preceding school year.
Section 6. All colleges enrolled in the Conference agree to abide by the minimum eligibility rules adopted in all inter-collegiate competition sponsored by the Conference.
Section 7. Any member college using an ineligible player will forfeit any contests in which that player participated and will not use him/her in future contests until he/she becomes eligible. Excessive use of ineligible players may lead to suspension from the Conference.
Section 8. Any member College resigning its membership may not re-enter the Conference during the period of the school year in which it resigned, or during the following year.
Section 9. It was agreed upon that “issues of scheduling and rescheduling rain‐outs, Mid Hudson games should take precedent over Region XV contests, Mid‐Hudson Conference contests should not be canceled for the purpose of rescheduling Region XV or any games.”

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Mid-Hudson Conference Handbook

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