Cross Country: Conference Championship Recap0

The Mid-Hudson Conference Cross Country Championship was held last weekend and here is the recap of the event:

In Women’s Cross Country, Kylee Kresge of SUNY Orange won the women’s cross country with the time of 21:30:00. Rachel Rivera of Sullivan came in second with a time of 26:11:00.  Sullivan CCC was crowned the women’s team champion.

Women’s Cross Country
Last First College Time Place All Conference
Kresge Kylee Orange 21:30:00 1st Yes MVP
Rivera Rachel Sullivan 26:11:00 2nd Yes
Helper Gem Sullivan 28:05:00 3rd Yes
Woods Jamilla Sullivan 36:45:00 4th Yes
Packer Nadia Sullivan 36:51:00 5th Yes
Sanders Prue Sullivan 36:58:00 6th Yes
Calinda Yaminah Westchester 37:01:00 7th Yes
Women’s Team Champion Sullivan

In Men’s Cross Country, Quintin Berteau of Ulster finished with a time of 31:16:00 to win the men’s championship. Teammater Bryan Friedlander came in second with the time of 35:25:00. Westchester CC was crowned the men’s team champion.

Men’s Cross Country
Last First College Time Place All Conference
Berteau Quintin Ulster 31:16:00 1st Yes MVP
Friedlander Bryan Ulster 35:25:00 2nd Yes
Culcay Randy Westchester 35:43:00 3rd Yes
Sennyuen Christian Ulster 11:54:00 4th Yes
Naulaguari Mark Westchester 37:56:00 5th Yes
Bolaji Akinbowale Westchester 45:02:00 6th Yes
Stock Max Westchester 45:03:00 7th Yes
Tymczyszyn Matthew Orange 51:52:00 8th
Fordyce Tristan Westchester 66:24:00 9th
Men’s Team Champion Westchester

Kylee Kresge and Quintin Berteau were named Most Valuable Player of the 2018 Women’s and Men’s Cross Country.


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