75 Athletes Named to Fall 2017 Academic All-Conference0

Seventy Five Athletes were named to the 2017 Mid-Hudson Conference Academic All-Conference.  Dutchess led all the Hudson Valley colleges with 20 athletes followed by Westchester.

Mid-Hudson Conference All-Academic Fall 2017
Katia Benites Dutchess Volleyball
Winasia Graham Dutchess Volleyball
Valeria Barragan Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Sara Chang Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Jena Dimarzo Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Kristy Garcia Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Daisy Godoy Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Kelsie McDowell Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Taylor Peters Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Lauren Regan Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Elizabeth Rolleri Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Karen Rothdeutsch Dutchess Women’s Soccer
Raymond Abreu Dutchess Men’s Soccer
Alexander Censi Dutchess Men’s Soccer
Riccio Constantino Dutchess Men’s Soccer
Christian Derico Dutchess Men’s Soccer
Andrew Markoe Dutchess Men’s Soccer
George Pogyo Dutchess Men’s Soccer
Markese Shelby Dutchess Men’s Soccer
Isaac Villa Vargas Dutchess Men’s Soccer
Cassidy Smith Orange Volleyball
Julianna Lynch Orange Volleyball
Abel Florencio Orange Men’s Soccer
Jeffrey Rivera Orange Men’s Soccer
Ranato Meza Orange Men’s Soccer
Guiseppe Vanoni Orange Men’s Soccer
Anthony Toscano Orange Men’s Soccer
Sean Raferty Orange Men’s Soccer
Mark Franscello Orange Men’s Soccer
Renita Johnson Orange Women’s Cross Country
Camerin Figueroa Orange Men’s Cross Country
Jack Kimelman Orange Men’s Cross Country
Mark Babcock Rockland Men’s Soccer
Troy Callahan Rockland Men’s Soccer
Chris Cummings Rockland Men’s Soccer
Exdi Martinez Rockland Men’s Soccer
Lena Martinez Rockland Men’s Soccer
Damien Rainford Rockland Men’s Soccer
Cha-Neice Gordon Rockland Volleyball
Sara Hayward Rockland Volleyball
Kayla Oge Rockland Volleyball
Nicole Polanco Rockland Volleyball
Emily Schmidt Rockland Volleyball
Shannon Thomas Rockland Volleyball
Rachel Rivera Sullivan Women’s Cross Country
Quintin Berteau Ulster Men’s Cross Country
Keith Kortwright Ulster Men’s Cross Country
Elias Childress Ulster Men’s Soccer
Carlos Cuellar Ulster Men’s Soccer
Andrew Cymbol Ulster Men’s Soccer
Brian Minutolo Ulster Men’s Soccer
Carson Parks Ulster Men’s Soccer
Joe Boland Ulster Men’s Soccer
Jillian Griffin Ulster Volleyball
Meaghan Hardeman Ulster Volleyball
Alissa Hollar Ulster Volleyball
Katelyn Smiley Ulster Volleyball
Natalie Terbush-Colon Ulster Volleyball
Hannah Takacs Ulster Women’s Cross Country
Juan Tenesaca Westchester Men’s Soccer
Luis Lua Westchester Men’s Soccer
Manuel Tejeira Westchester Men’s Soccer
Henemias Capriel Westchester Men’s Soccer
Miguel Perez Westchester Men’s Soccer
Katherine Colucci Westchester Volleyball
Taylor Vlad Westchester Volleyball
Lindsey Leggio Westchester Volleyball
Madison Young Westchester Volleyball
Andrea Huanca Westchester Volleyball
Rachel Mender Westchester Volleyball
Alejandro Herrera Westchester Men’s Cross Country
Justin Meacock Westchester Men’s Cross Country
Jason Pacchiana Westchester Men’s Cross Country
Kevin Reyna Westchester Men’s Cross Country
Jacqueline Sanders Westchester Women’s Cross Country

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